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JMI Equipment & Tool Rental

JMI Supply & Rental Equipment has a full inventory of equipment and tool rentals to assist contractors throughout our service area including Chautauqua, Cattaraugus, Allegany, Warren, McKean and Erie Counties. 

Our comprehensive catalog covers a variety of construction needs including generators, air compressors, heaters, pumps and power solutions as well as pressure washers and landscape maintenance items. We also carry a diversified selection of small tools, supplies and safety equipment available for purchase in our retail store. 

All JMI rental tools and equipment are available by the day, week or month. They are serviced by our trained technicians, professionally inspected and OSHA-approved.

Our rental tools and equipment are used in a variety of applications including: 

Concrete Work

As a manufacturer of quality concrete products, we know what it takes to get the job done right. Whether you are working on a large commercial site or a small residential project, JMI Equipment Rentals has the tools to keep you running through all phases of concrete construction.   


  • Mortar and Cement Mixer
  • Concrete Vibrator
  • Power Trowels
  • Chop Saws
  • Electric Jackhammer
  • Hand Screeds
  • Bull Floats 
  • Power Buggy 
  • Power Screed 
  • Stamps 


We also have a variety of concrete drilling tools including core bore electric drills and rotary/demolition hammer drills. 

Landscaping Projects

From site prep to finish work, JMI has the equipment you need to complete a number of small and heavy-duty landscaping projects. We have fully serviced mini-excavators, skid steers and track loaders for rent by the day or week. Available attachments include augers, power broom and pallet forks which are all eligible for optional delivery to your site. 


  • Skid Steers 
  • Dingo 
  • Mini Excavators 
  • Pressure Washers

Did you know, we also have precast pavers, garden boxes and landscaping blocks in-stock?  

General Construction

From generators that power up your job site and propane heaters to keep you warm during unseasonable weather, JMI has a wide selection of rental equipment to suit your needs. Boost your productivity without the hassle and expense of purchasing your own equipment. 


  • Air compressors 
  • Portable Generators 
  • Drywall Lift
  • Hardwood Floor Sander
  • Pumps 
  • Heaters 
  • Lasers 

We also carry a broad range of safety equipment and miscellaneous supplies in our retail store. 

JMI Equipment Rental offers commercial service and delivery throughout the Western New York, the Southern Tier and Northwest Pennsylvania. We also assist homeowners with tools and equipment for do-it-yourself projects. 

It’s been our longstanding mission to provide our customers dependable, high-quality rental equipment and exceptional customer service. Safety is also a priority, that’s why all rental inventory is fully-serviced and professionally inspected by our trained technicians. 



Stay Safe on the Job

Visit our store on Washington Street to shop our selection of top safety gear such as hard hats, glasses, ear plugs, gloves and more. 



JMI Rental Inventory


Equipment and Attachments

  • Kubota SSV75 Wheeled Skid Steer
  • Kubota SLV75 Track Skid Steer
  • Kubota KX71-3S Mini Excavator
  • Kubota KX040-4R3P Mini Excavator
  • Auger 12″ OR 24″
  • Harley Rake 6′
  • Power Broom
  • Uniram Hydraulic Hammer
  • 42″ Pallet Forks
  • Dingo TX1000 Wide Track 
  • High Torque Trencher Head for Dingo 
  • High Torque Auger Power Head for Dingo 

Compaction Tools

  • Small Plate Tamper w/water tank 
  • Reversing Plate Tamper
  • Large Reversing Diesel Plate Tamper
  • Plate Tamper 
  • Jumping Jack Hammer

Compressor and Air Tools

  • 185 cfm Tow Behind Compressor
  • 90lb Pneumatic Hamme
  • 60lb Pneumatic Hamme
  • Chipping Hammer 35lb
  • Rhino Post Pounder

Concrete Drilling

  • Core Bore Electric Drill (standing)
  • Core Bore Electric Drill (hand held)
  • Core Bit 6″ & Down 
  • Core Bit 7″ & Up 
  • Rotary/Demolition Hammer Drill
  • Spline Drive Carbide Bit 7/8″ – 2″

Concrete Tools

  • Ride-on Power Buggie (16 cu ft) 
  • Concrete Mixer 6 Cu Ft
  • Mortar Mixer 6 Cu Ft
  • Concrete Vibrator Kit 10′ Shaft
  • 1 3/8″ Concrete Vibrator 
  • Chop Saw (gas) Wet or Dry 
  • Chop Saw (electric) Wet or Dry 
  • 14″ Blade 
  • 14″ Diamond Blade 
  • 18″ Walk Behind Saw
  • 18″ Power Blade 
  • Early Entry Saw (Same Day Pour) Soff-cut 
  • Early Entry Saw (Same Day Pour) Microcon 
  • Vibra Strike with 12′ screed 
  • 3ft Power Trowel 
  • Tile Saw W/ Blade & Stand (wet)
  • Electric Brick/Block Saw (dry cut)
  • Electric Jackhammer
  • Hitachi Hand held Jackhammer
  • 8′ Hand Screed  
  • 10′ Hand Screed  
  • 12’Hand Screed  
  • 42″ Bull Float  
  • 48″ Bull Float  
  • Electric Floor Grinder 
  • Diamond Insert for Grinding Floor 
  • Carbide Block for Striping Glue & Mastic 

Concrete Stamp Patterns

  • Ashlar Slate (BST4000)
  • 6″ Wood Plank (BST7370)
  • Fieldstone (BST5000) 
  • Cobblestone (BST5000) 
  • Chiseled Slate (BST7618) (No Seams / Grout Lines) 


  • 2500 Watt Generator
  • 2600 Watt Generator
  • 2700 Watt Generator (Single phase 220V) 


  • 35,000 Master Propane Torpedo
  • 50,000 – 85,000 Enerco Propane Torpedo 
  • 155,000 Kero Torpedo Reddy Heater 

Propane heaters require 100lb tank 

Laser Level

  • Rugby 610 Laser Package 
  • Rugby 50 Laser 

Pressure Washers

  • 3500 Psi Cold Water (GAS Engine) 50′ Hose
  • 3500 Psi Hot/Cold Water Pressure Washer (Gas Engine/Kerosene Burner 50′ Hose)


  • 3″ Diaphram Pump (Suction 20′ / Discharge 50′) 
  • 2″ Trash Pump (Suction 20′ / Discharge 50’)
  • 3″ Trash Pump Suction 20′ / Discharge 50’
  • F-13 Electric Sump Pump 


  • Tow Behind Auger 8″ & 12″ Bits
  • Drywall Lift (15′ W/ Extension)
  • Porter Cable Drywall Sander
  • Essex Silverline Drum Hardwood Floor Sander
  • Essex Silverline Rotary Edge Hardwood Floor Sander
  • Turbo Fans 

Call 716-487-0168 to speak directly with our sales team. 


How to Choose the Right Rental Tools for the Job

Equipment rental can be an attractive alternative to increased productivity without the expense of owning and maintaining specialized tools or machinery. Here are a few tips to keep your project running smoothly:

  • Know all aspects of the job, including the terrain and condition of your construction site. Before renting a specialized tool or piece of equipment, it is important to first know all the details of the project. Creating an outline of all the interior and/or exterior work will help you select the appropriate equipment and materials to complete the job.
  • For safety and efficiency on the job, it’s important to familiarize yourself and your crew with the equipment. Unsafe practices like learning-as-you-go can injure employees and lead to unnecessary downtime and service calls due to damaged equipment. Training is recommended for all who will be using the rental.
  • Create an accurate timeline and call ahead to reserve rentals.The sooner the order is placed, the easier it will be to secure the necessary equipment and desired delivery date. To avoid additional rental fees, it’s also important to stick to your schedule. Underestimating time may result in fees to extend your rental period and overestimating the length of your rental can cause you to pay for rental days you do not need.

Whether you need equipment to for demo your site or the tools necessary for the important finish work, JMI Supply & Equipment Rental can help you choose the right tools to help you stay safe and productive on your next project.


The Benefits of Renting Tools and Equipment

For many construction companies, renting specialized tools is an ideal way to broaden capabilities and boost productivity on the job. 

The convenience of renting can also save contractors valuable resources, including time, by eliminating the need for ongoing maintenance, costly repairs and securing storage for specialized equipment. Contractors who rent, pay only for the tools they need when they need to use them. 

For some, a combination of rented and purchased tools can be beneficial. If an upgrade is in your future, but you aren’t sure what to choose, renting equipment may allow you to test drive new models and compare options before making a purchasing decision. 

For rental tools and equipment you can rely on, visit JMI Equipment Rental at our Washington Street location in Jamestown, New York. 

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